We are pleased to offer for sale a 1958 750 Fiat Abarth Zagato Double Bubble. The now classic shape that was originally penned and formed by Italian coachbuilder, the great, Zagato. It is instantly recognized and sought after all over the world. This is probably the single finest design of the 50’s. Its reputation as a perfect combination of form and function was further enhanced and refined when used again on the very limited production Aston Martin Zagato DB4. This particular car is in good usable, drivable condition. It can be enjoyed and used as it is presented. These rare and very special alloy bodied cars were produced with the cooperation of Fiat, Carlo Abarth, and Zagato Coachworks, and meant for street use and racing if desired. The distinctive Zagato bodywork is what sets them apart from all their contemporary competitors. The 1250lb curb weight made the diminutive Abarth responsive and quicker than cars with more displacement. It helped sales that they were a very successful car in the 750cc race class.

These cars were hand built and varied in trim and details thru the short production run. They were very expensive cars to construct, so relatively few were made and the complexities of repairing the alloy bodywork insured that few good examples still survive. If exposed to salt, or subjected to defend itself against much heavier cars, the poor little Abarth car was the loser.

This car has been kept running and garaged most all of its life. It has just been treated to new brakes, front suspension overhaul, and basic tuning to freshen it and make it a usable classic car.

Body and Paint:

Car has a very good solid body with older glossy paint. The blood red paint finish is not show but decent driver level: smooth with proper luster. No corrosion is evident in the handmade alloy panels even though the paint is 20 plus years old. Examination of the panels show the car has not sustained any serious damage or corrosion. To insure the new owner will have no questions about chassis condition we commissioned to have both the floor pans professionally replaced with the correct original style pressings due to some prior incorrect repairs to the steel floor pans. The rest of the steel panels throughout are amazingly rust and corrosion free.

The front windscreen is chip and scratch free, it is newer and is hard to acquire glass. The rear windscreen and side windows are all original glass and are etched with the same 3-11-55 date codes.

Most all the badges on the car appear to be the originals with the exception of the one side scorpion which looks newer. The Zagato door handles are the correct ones and are intact. Chrome is all good. Taillights are new-old stock European units.


The engine appears to be a 600D unit and is fitted with the proper 750 Abarth carb, hand fabricated Abarth intake manifold, air cleaner, proper water outlet, special Abarth mechanical tach drive under distributor. It starts and runs quietly, and performs well when warm with no unusual noises. The front suspension has been freshly rebushed and all the tie rod ends replaced with new. All wheel cylinders and brake master cylinder were replaced with new units. The gauges are the original and special Abarth units. The switches and dash are original to the car. The car is fitted with the optional remote pipes and auxiliary cooling radiator mounted under the car. Engine bay trim looks all original and is in good condition. We can supply a proper original Abarth 750 Steel crank, new pistons, cam, and the parts to build a 600 based 750 cc shortblock at extra cost if desired by the purchaser.

Tires and Wheels:

Wheels are still 12 inch with the unique Abarth hubcaps fitted. Spare is fitted to the front luggage compartment.


Car has all the original gauges and switches, as it left the factory while still installed in the original dash. The seats are the originals and the interior is a combination of recent and vintage re trim that fits with the overall patina of the car. Luggage compartment is finished with the aluminum engine turned trim at the opening, and the fuel tank is original. The original battery cover is included while a taller cover to allow the install of modern battery protects the terminals now.


Do not miss this rare opportunity to acquire a complete Zagato bodied car from the 50’s. These cars rarely appear on the market in running usable condition. A few basket cases have recently appeared on the market, but are missing most all the unique Abarth parts. This car is an honest example that can be used and will attract admirers wherever it is displayed. Just a lot of fun in a small package. Zagato, Alloy, and Abarth are three keys to the present and future value of this car. Would make a great addition to any serious collection and sure to appreciate.

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