This particular Abarth, VIN #100555569, has been off the road for 30+ years and retains almost all of it’s very special Abarth parts: the special headlight covers, trim and alloy bumpers. The car is still fitted with a 750 Abarth engine # 100.000.629745 complete with the special Mille Miglia steel crank, Abarth only carb, exhaust header, special mechanical tachometer drive, proper generator drive pulley and longer Abarth radiator. I believe the wheels are very special 12 inch alloy Amadori items. I have never seen another set, they are period correct, valuable and an attractive option to the steel wheels. No Abarth data plate is fitted to the car so it is not possible to determine if this is the original Abarth engine that the car was shipped with it from the factory. It is type and period correct if not original.

The interior has just two original seats, but not much else in the soft panel department. The interior front and rear window trims are with the car along with the roof bracing cover. Window and door opening mechanisms are in the doors, but the window cranks and handles are not. Sorry, all the door panels and flat trim panels were lost forever ago in an upholstery shop. They can be duplicated as they were handmade, simple parts. The dash retains all the original Jaeger large instruments and switches as it was originally made. The car has all the original glass including the hard to source windshield. A period wood steering wheel looks to have been with the car since new.

This little Coupe will need a restoration, but is an excellent starting point. The alloy body has very old paint and shows signs of just a little filler. The steel floors are original and in decent condition. The body does have minor dings from long-term storage. The nose is in good condition as shown by the headlight covers and original trim around them. The car has been stored inside for 30-35 years.

We lowered the oil pan to inspect the engine and can see a lifter that has broken and may be the reason why it no longer turns. The rest of the interior of the engine looks good. The car will need a full mechanical refurbish, but the rare and difficult parts are there with this vehicle.

This is a rare chance to acquire a near complete Abarth Zagato from the golden age of 50’s sports cars. The car is one of few that carries the Zagato badge on its fender. It was hand made by a crew of Italian craftsmen who helped Italy recover from WWII. These little cars were not designed to last a lifetime but to fill a niche in the marketplace for small, bare performance. Many have been lost to racing accidents and the trials of being a little car in a big world. It represents a point in history when variety and size was not limited by any government regulations, just by a manufacturer’s imagination.

This car was expensive when new and rare to find now. We have sold a couple in the recent past and are happy to offer this one. Yes, we will be able to store the car if shipping to Europe needs to be arranged. When restored the Zagato will be welcome at any show or concours to represent Italian flair and coach-building. Alloy Zagato bodied cars from the 50’s are leading the market in appreciation, so obtain one while you still can. It can make a great addition to any collection. Call Bob at 541-543-6791 (cell) to discuss the car further.

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