Offered for sale is a wonderful 1960 MGA 1600. This car is a very attractive fresh restoration that was done by a knowledgeable MG enthusiast. To make it the ultimate tour car it has been upgraded with some special features including 1 3/4 SU carbs on a performance built MGB 1800 cc engine. A nicely fitted custom modern air-conditioning system is installed along with a full stereo and CD with custom speaker setup. To complete the transformation the owner fabricated a really neat custom set of all Plexiglas side curtains. The restoration is documented with pictures and receipts. A great touring convertible ready for Spring.

Paint & Body

Body is a hard to find rust-free Arizona car that had never had any major accidents. All the fenders were removed and was totally stripped before being fully repainted in Dove Grey. This is nice quality job done in a color that is a breath of fresh air from the standard red car. Of course the engine bay, trunk interior and door jambs were properly done in the body color. The body panels fit well and the doors both easily close with little effort and with a solid thunk. The chrome is mostly all new including bumpers. Car is also fitted with wind wings and distinctive racing inspired single driving light. Due to having spent its entire life in the dry desert, all inner fender wells and panels are straight and rust-free top and bottom. New 15 inch Chrome wire wheels are fitted with 165/ 15 tires and add a bit of flash to the elegant colors on the car.


The rich Burgundy interior is very well fitted and has very comfortable properly shaped leather seats that complement the exterior color perfectly. As with nearly everything else in the interior the carpets are new and installed with care. You can see from examining the details this was a labor of love for the owner. Really nothing to find fault with while seated behind the wheel of this MGA. The soft top is new and well fitted. Seatbelts were added to both seats. All switches and gauges are in good working order.

Convertible Top

The Bottom Side


The owner wanted to build a reliable more powerful MGA so he had 13 lbs removed from the rotating assembly of the engine and had it all balanced to create a very smooth running engine. The block was machined for new pistons and the internals were all replaced with new parts, a mild cam fitted and the special 13/4 inch carbs and intake manifold were added for power and reliability. A full stainless exhaust gives the car a nice sound. To insure cool running in all conditions the radiator was improved, auxiliary cooling fans were added. An engine oil cooler was also installed. The clutch is new and the transmission is quiet in all gears and shifts properly up and down. The entire brake system is new or rebuilt for proper ability to slow this car when needed.


The car starts easily and runs very smoothly. All the controls operate as they should and the car is a pleasure to drive. It shifts and stops true. The special side curtains make the car actually nice to drive with the top up since they give it a panoramic type view. This unique MGA would be a nice addition to anyone’s collection and attracts attention wherever it is parked or driven. The A/C is a nice addition that will help make the car more enjoyable in those hot humid climates.

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