We are pleased to offer for sale a rare 1963 Porsche 356B Super 90. Produced on June 24, 1963, this attractive 356 was fitted at the factory with the rare 90 horsepower Super 90 version engine. The Porsche Certificate of Authenticity shows the car still retains engine # 0800937 with which it left the factory. The car has had nearly no rust damage and any that was found was removed and then metal finished before the car was nicely re-finished in the original Silver Metallic code# 6206. The complementary blue interior is the proper color as listed on the COA and was upgraded to leather. This car presents well and since not a full concours car this is a 356 you can drive and enjoy. It will always appreciate more than most 356’s due to the factory installed Super 90 engine option. The miles shown were stated to be original when we acquired the car from an Arizona owner, but due to lack of early records we cannot verify that claim. We do have some records from the prior owner going back approximately ten years and those will be included with the car.


The original Super 90 engine has been treated to regular service and has keep its special carbs and air cleaners. The receipts show it had a valve job. It runs well. has good oil pressure, and the engine is very quiet in operation. The transaxle is the proper 741 type but is from a later car. The clutch engages smoothly and the transmission shifts well. Performance is very good for only 1600cc and the larger carbs of the S-90 engine makes for a nice torque band. The brakes stop the car well. I believe the factory Super 90 cars have softer rear torsion bars supplemented by the special camber compensator the is below the transaxle to control the axle movements. This suspension arrangement was carried forward to the 356SC. Overall this is a solid, nice driving car.

Body and Paint:

The body was solid and appears to retain the original floors and longitudinals underneath. The all-important understructures are very solid and the floorpans just have minor dents from errant lifts and floor. The battery area of the front trunk floor was replaced with a metal repair part from Stoddard Porsche. This car was amazingly rust free and shows it was never exposed to salt. There were a small line of corrosion blisters in front of the r/h door, typical in these Porsches. We had those cut out and replaced with metal and then properly leaded in before the respray. The bonnet fit is excellent and appears to be original to the car. We had both the front, rear, and rear side windows removed to insure the paint could be properly applied. A new tinted (as per COA) front windscreen was just fitted for like new car visibility, and both windscreen glass rubbers were replaced. Most all exterior trim is original and is in good condition. The seals around doors, lights, etc. were replaced when car was reassembled. Overall a sharp looking and nice driver level car.


Car has had the seats redone in the proper blue color, although they are now leather instead of the cheaper factory provided vinyl. The carpets are newer and correct German weave type. The car seats sit well and present to the eye nicely. The headliner is good and clean. The dash looks nice and is the proper matching body color. Overall the interior is nice and matches the level of the rest of the car.

Wheels and Tires:

The car is fitted with the chrome steel wheels and rides on a set of lower 185/70 profile tires. Four of the wheels carry the proper date code of 5/63.


Very attractive 356 and unlike most is still fitted with its original engine. Better yet that engine is the optional Super 90 version with larger carbs, and a mild cam the two lower spec models did not get. This car is nice but not so perfect you would be afraid to drive it to the store for fun. We find these cars are most enjoyable when driven regularly. They grow on you with each mile traveled. Having driven lots of four cylinder Italian and British vehicles I am always amazed to remember this is only 1600cc. It gives the feeling of more power and torque than the small displacement indicates. It will outrun most all the other 4 cylinder cars of the era and is so nicely balanced that you look forward to the next curve in the road. This would be a great car for weekend fun and vintage car tours. Priced reasonably considering the work done and the rarity of the engine package. Sure to appreciate in the future.

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