We are lucky to have a 1965 Sunbeam Tiger. Vin # B38200010 LRXFE, JAL # 660099. It has been verified as an original Tiger and has the all-important Tiger Club TAC certification. Nearly 50 years have passed and just 7,000 Tigers were produced by Sunbeam from 1965 to 1967. Sunbeam’s parent, Rootes Group, became fully controlled by Chrysler in 1967. The production and sale of a vehicle that had a Ford power plant became unpalatable to Chrysler, so they put an end to production of one of the best performance sports cars of the mid-sixties. Unfortunately a high percentage of the total production has succumbed to either the tin worm or unskilled drivers who underestimated the performance of these mini Cobras. In a stock car, zero to sixty was possible in first gear! Another factory to low survival was the factory welded on fenders and quarter panels made any rust or accident damage much more difficult to repair. This body construction method resulted in some of the cars being reshelled using Alpine donor car bodies. These are never considered real Tigers by the Tiger club, hence the need for unbroken chain of ownership or Tiger club certification.

Overall, this is a very nice Tiger. It has much recent detailing and attention paid to it in the last year by a Tiger expert. This particular MK1 Tiger has been kept stock except for an uprated 289 engine and four barrel carb replacing the original FoMoCo 2 barrel. The original chrome valve covers complete with the Sunbeam engine decal still attached are fitted to this engine. The top loader four speed retains the factory shifter. Even the rare Tiger only wood steering wheel is on the car. Body and paint are excellent. It’s original VIN tag carries code 39 which verifies it was delivered from the factory finished in Carnival red. There are no signs of any major prior accidents or rust damage to the body. The car appears to retain all the original floors and body panels. Chrome is excellent, top is new, interior and wood dash are excellent. The car is fitted with replica factory option alloy wheels. An additional bonus is the factory steel hardtop is present with the car and restored in matching Carnival red. The remaining Sunbeam Tigers are rare to market and will still be increasing in value due to their performance and low production numbers. Whether you are a serious collector, or will have room for only one classic car, this Tiger is worth having. Feel free to call Bob at 541-543-6791 cell of 541-342-1520 if any questions,


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