Offered for sale is a restored and collectible 1966 MGB that is equipped with the rare overdrive transmission. The car has undergone a full restoration from a solid California car. All mechanicals were rebuilt and are in excellent condition. It starts, runs, and drives very smoothly. The engine has great oil pressure even warm and is nicely detailed. This car would be a great summer car to show or drive. It has been fitted with a new set of chrome wire wheels that complement the bright red exterior paint. The engine bay and trunk were both nicely refinished at the time of the restoration.

This car has been driven regularly and has just enough miles to be well sorted. These early metal dash cars are sought after and do feel lighter and more responsive when properly done. The owner wanted to preserve the simplicity and beauty of the original dash. He has spent $1000 to fit a modern sound system to the car, but had it hidden in the trunk and operates it via remote.

It is very difficult to find a well done early MGB with overdrive. This car has had way more than the selling price spent on its restoration and is ready for years of future enjoyment.

Paint & Body

Paint is very nice smooth and well applied with only minor rock chips and small scratches. The engine bay been refinished and all detailed underhood. Panel fit is good. Floor are in very good condition and the car has had no major accidents or rust.


The dash is nice and all material in the interior has been replaced with proper pattern items. The seats are leather and there is nothing to fault inside the car.

Engine & Engine Compartment

The car has undergone a full mechanical rebuild. The engine runs good and is smooth and quiet. The transmission shifts well and the overdrive engages properly. Steering, brakes, and suspension are excellent. The chrome wire wheels are new and run smoothly.

The Bottom Side


Great color combination, one of the most desirable years, and overdrive transmission that was only fitted to 10-15% of the cars make this a hard to duplicate car. Ready to drive and enjoy.

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