For offer, a 1967 Austin Mini Cooper S. The ultimate mini to collect. We found this original car here in Oregon still in the same family since 1969. The original owner died and his wife no longer wanted to keep the car. A rare opportunity to own an original Cooper S and certainly the best year to own. The car has the twin tanks, the double sided boot door, the 120 mph speedo, the 1275cc motor, the stock S front disc brakes, the Hydrolastic suspension, the oil cooler, and the list goes on. When we got the car it had been sitting for some time. To get it operational again, we drained and flushed the fuel tanks, and cleaned the carbs. We changed the oil. We then replaced all the hydraulics. The front calipers were rebuilt with new seals and new pistons, new master cylinder, new rear cylinders, and all new rubber brake lines. The clutch master, slave, and rubber hose were replaced. New brake shoes were installed in the rear and new pads in the front.

There is no apparent rust on the car. No indications of anything in the rockers or lower sections of the car. There is what appears to be some kind of filler between the front wings and the cowl section as shown in the pictures, but nothing bad looking. The rear suspension points are obviously well and over lubricated over the years and there is no indication of any rust in this typical area. The bottom side of the car is great. Not rust through in the floor pans and it all looks quite solid and nice underneath as shown in the photos.

The front windscreen is cracked and will need to be replaced eventually. All the lights work, turn signals, brake, headlamps, etc. The wipers work, the gauges work and the speedo works. The odometer is not working and stopped in an attempt to turn 40000 miles. Mileage is unknown. The front bumper over-riders are mounted on the car and the rear over-riders are with the car but not installed as the mount studs are stuck and will need to be repaired, see picture.

The Cooper S only brake booster is missing. It appears to have been removed and plumbed around. The mount is still clearly there and the holes in the inner panel are there. A new one will need to be sourced. It stops fine, but if you want the original S brake feel, you will need to source a booster. The original air cleaners appear to be the only other thing missing. The air cleaner tunnels are there, as seen in the picture, not currently installed and aftermarket air cleaners are in place.

The wheels are the 10 inch wide cooper S rims and appear to be original to the car with the spare tire still there to match. The Kuhmo tires are in good condition and serviceable.

The interior of the car is original to the car. It’s in ok shape, with the front seats with the damage and wear. The front seats will need attention or they will deteriorate even more. It appears all original in the car. Car was originally dark green and the color can be seen inside the boot. It appears to have been re-spared at some time with a color that is very close. The paint is in “well used” condition. It looks fine, but show quality it is not. It actually has a really cool patina to it. The brightwork is ok, the door trim is in pretty good shape. The bumpers are pretty good. The rear bumper has a scuff on the left, but that’s about it.

This Cooper S will make a great drive and work on it car. It would also make a great place to start a full on restoration, as the body is in great shape and you will not be spending all your money digging out rust. Drive with the cool patina it has or make it something spectacular. It’s the right car, the right year, and the right condition. A rare find.

Call Bob at 541-543-6791 cell if interested.

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