Offered is this original and low miles 1967 Sunbeam Alpine. We found this little gem in Portland, Oregon. Something we love to acquire, an unmolested, unmodified, and well cared for car. This Sunbeam is a California and Oregon car and you can tell it has spent its life garaged. It still has a vintage California decal on the vent window.

The ID tag carries paint code 39, which is the orange/red color it came from the factory with. It appears to us to be the original paint everywhere on the car except the bonnet and only the bonnet. The body work forward of the bonnet is original so perhaps something was dropped on it at some point and then repaired as there are no indications of collision or repair top side or bottom side. The paint is thin in places where it has been nearly rubbed through. It very presentable however, and with original paint, it would be a difficult decision to paint it as there can not be too many of these little cars that have survived with the original paint. The interior also appears to be original with the seats in very good condition. The dash pad is cracked as many of them are that are original. The previous owner did replace the door panels as they had become wavy. We have the originals with the car. The dash is in good condition and the gauges are all there and working. It appears the original jack and tools are stowed in the trunk behind the spare still. The engine compartment is dead original. No modifications or changes that we can find. The engine runs very nice, very quiet with excellent oil pressure, no smoke, no weirdness at all. Compression is all good and consistent. The original paint is in good shape under the bonnet down the fender-wells and on the scuttle. Original wiring harness and in good condition.

The bottom of the car is clean and undamaged. Its looks normal and factory like underneath. No rust or any indications of rust. No damage to the rockers or any previous repairs. All original metal and all in great shape.

The brake booster is newly rebuilt and works well. New brake cylinders at the wheels. An original hard top is included and is in very good restorable condition. The hard top is taken apart and the metal is in great shape with no rust through or damage. The headliner and bows are there as well as the windows and the trim. The trim is in good condition. The plastic glass is broken or faded beyond use. All the very hard to find attachment hardware is there as well. The body has many little dents or small marks in it. It seems to have accumulated these small peppered imperfections over its life time and a bit too many than it should. It is not distracting and the car still presents very well. It adds to the character and history of the car. This little gem is hiding nothing. What it has it is showing openly.

We don’t get a chance to spend time with all the treasures we find, but we have spent some time driving this little car. It is tight and true. It feels just as you would expect it to if new. No rattles or broken things making noise nor poorly repaired components making themselves known. It is a very well balanced car to drive. You realize how neutral and rewarding these cars are to drive. The Alpine steering is light and responsive and it drives as a confident neutral car.

This is a well preserved piece of history that does drive and run as intended by the Englishmen who designed and built it. A true representation of what these cars were when new. Drive and enjoy it for years as is or respray if you would like. We do not believe a better original example could be had for the reasonable price we put on this Sunbeam Alpine.

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Video Credit: Gavin Sherlock

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