We have a restored 1967 TR4A. VIN 78880CT, body CT78601. Miles 94859. This is the final year for the TR4A. Triumph produced a rare US only model with a live axle, not the clunk and maintenance prone IRS. This particular car has undergone a full mechanical and cosmetic restoration and it was done to a high level. It has travel just a few thousand miles since. It is finished in a very pleasing period correct color of green. I hesitate to call it BRG, as there was no real designation of that color in 1967 Triumphs. I believe this may be spruce green. It complements the black interior and highlights the body curves very nicely. The paint and bodywork was a quality job and well applied. The engine bay, door jambs and trunk are smoothly refinished in the same color. It appears it was a full strip and refinish from bare metal on exceptionally good, damage-free body and panels. The panel fit is very good and after I adjusted the doors is definitely up to TR factory standards. The mechanicals are all rebuilt and the later HS SU carbs make it start and run nicely. The gearbox is the standard 4 speed and shifts nicely. Brakes are good and stop the car true. The suspension has been rebuilt also. The attention paid to the outside of the car continues to the interior, where new leather as original is fitted. The dash, console, carpets, and panels all present as new. The top is new and fits well, and the top boot is in the car as well. The wood dash (which gave the car an elegant look that MG did not match) completes the luxurious interior. It is fitted with factory painted wire wheels. You can tell this car was someone’s labor of love and cost was not an object during the restoration. The engine appears stock, idles smoothly and an original, un-cracked, cast iron TR4A header is still fitted. Overall fit and finish is very even throughout the car with no major flaws noticed. It runs and drives very well for a 46 year old car. If you know British cars you will know it is very tough to find a TR that has not suffered at the hands of nature’s elements, or not been destroyed in an accident when driven by over exuberant youths. Yep, I was one of those 35 years ago, destroyed none but sure ran them hard. This car would be hard to impossible to duplicate for the price.


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