We are pleased to offer for sale an extremely rare 1970 2.4 liter Fiat Dino Bertone Coupe. According to some publications only 387 of these understated but attractive 4 cam 2.4 liter Dino coupes were produced for the entire world. A spectacular Ferrari drivetrain in a sheep’s body. Unlike the 2 liters, all of the 2.4 liter cars were made in house at Ferrari and supplied the exact same and more robust 2.4 180 hp engine that was fitted to the 246 Dino. This V6 power is transmitted thru a ZF 5 speed gearbox . The four wheel Girling brakes for the 2.4s were shared with the De Tomaso Pantera and the Lamborghini Miura. This is the most desirable Dino coupe model as it has incorporated many improvements and the cast iron block 4 cam engine makes more power and torque than the earlier 2 liter. Rear suspension was also upgraded on the 2.4 cars. This is universally agreed to be the best and most durable version of the Dino Coupes.

This car was acquired from a long-term owner of 17 years who kept it garaged and drove it very, very sparingly. This Dino is a Euro spec car and the speedo is in kilometers. True mileage is unknown. The odometer shows 16,??? kilometers. It could be original or may have turned over and be equal to 71,000 miles. The owner’s brother was a technician and did some minor maintenance and brake work on the car, but unfortunately no real service records came with the vehicle. We have just inspected and serviced the car. We have driven it for a week to check it out and found it a responsive well balanced car. This car is equal to any Alfa Romeo of the period in the handling department, with the benefit of the 4 cam V6 being smoother and more powerful. It makes all the pleasing Italian car sounds, revs freely, drives very smoothly and has very solid and tight suspension.

Body and Paint

This is a Euro spec car but appears it has lived inside a garage in Oregon for most all its life. Therefore it has escaped the dreaded rust problem any Italian car of this era can develop. The floors, rockers, and lower fenders are all original and in good condition. No attempts have been made to patch or hide anything on the extremely good body and floor pan. There are a few very small bubbles in paint at very lower left wheel arch, no holes. It has had one respray that looks about 20 years old. A decent looking car, but is respray of not exceptionally high quality. Car appears to never have been in any accidents. It has just a few minor scratches and marks on the paint and is decent driver level quality. The front and rear stainless bumpers do come with the car along with the brackets to mount them. All the mounting holes in the body were closed up when the car was resprayed about 20 years ago since a prior owner thought it would look sleeker without them fitted.

General Information

Most every component on the car functions well. Upon inspection all the suspension is tight and not much appears to be needed to use as daily driver car. Please do be aware that while it has been always in service it has been used sparingly so some minor issues may be discovered. We do know the glove box latch is missing, along with the Bertone side fender badges that were below the side grilles in the front fender. Even though the car was build at the Ferrari factory we did remove the non stock Ferrari badges a prior owner had attached to the front fenders and hubcap centers and deck lid. They were not there when it left the Ferrari factory and we thought they were inappropriate.


The interior including the comfortable seats show very minimal wear of a low miles car. All interior components appear to be original as they left the factory including the cloth inserts. The wood trim on the doors and dash are amazingly excellent for a 40 year old Italian car. Headliner is excellent and correct snakebite pattern. There are three or four very minor cracks on the dashboard about a 1/16 of an inch wide that barely attract the eye. Carpets are original and other than that, the front floor mats should be replaced but are in serviceable condition. There is some storage dust present, but no signs of water entrance nor unpleasant odors. Interior could still be elevated some with some work by a fanatic with a vacuum and a toothbrush cleaning everything.

Driving Impressions and Mechanicals

The engine starts perfectly without fuss and is dead quiet with no taps or noises from the valve train or lower end. Truly and remarkably quiet internals. A definite 10. It revs freely and without smoke, and also maintains excellent oil pressure under all conditions. Clutch engages smoothly, the 5 speed ZF gearbox is quiet. Does have the typical Italian-car weak second gear synco on downshifts. Differential is silent. The four wheel disc brakes stop the car smoothly and quickly from speed. The entire exhaust looks factory original but appears to be all new from the special headers on back. The car is very quiet with the windows up, even at highway speeds. The engine has a wonderful sound that is distinctly Italian.


Excellent road car good for back roads and long trips alike. This is a rare chance to acquire a very rare car that was built by Ferrari and fitted with the 246 Dino engine. It will outperform any Alfa GTV of the era and yet is priced about the same. These 2.4L four cam Dino’s will become even more sought after in the future as savvy collectors continue to seek out the rarest models. This is a desirable low production car at a very reasonable price. An uncommon model that will be admired and appreciated at any Italian car show. The car is available for sale in our showroom, but we will let the car run to the auction’s conclusion once the reasonable reserve is met. Feel free to call or text 541-543-6791 for any further info on this car.

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