We have available a 1991 Aston Martin Virage. Your chance to obtain an affordable, well maintained, and garaged of course, supercar. This 300hp 4 cam V-8 powered British luxury cruiser has just 23,171 miles from new. Until recently, Aston Martins were alloy bodied and nearly hand assembled cars. The car was not made by humorless robots but constructed part by part using the human workforce and craftsmen and women. This is one of only 471 alloy Virages assembled. The heart of the car is the aesthetically pleasing and potent 32 valve 330hp V-8 5.3 liter four cam, which was quite the engineering feat for its time. This fuel injection equipped engine provides almost limitless acceleration, that even when backed by the 727 torqueflite automatic will propel the 3,900lb car from a stop to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds. The sumptuous interior is all leather and wood and incredibly well fitted with the contrasting piping announcing you are in a special gentlemanly sports car. Astons slightly understated design will make the uninitiated overlook the special attributes of Astons of this period. Alloy body construction, lots of burled walnut wood, old world expensive craftsmanship, DeDion rear suspension and a high performance engine assembled and signed by a single technician make for a unique car, head and shoulders above Jaguar’s offerings and not as stodgy as a Rolls or Bentley. My favorite feature is the retention of high profile wide performance tyres. The taller side-wall appropriately fills the wheel arches while harking back to race cars of a different period. No low profile cookie cutters of the new century here. Tall wide tyres speak handling performance without painful ride qualities. We provide performance without pain, is what they say.

This particular Aston starts immediately and settles to an idle with the exhaust providing an nice sophisticated rumble that states it is ready to go, and go as fast as you desire. No muss no fuss and you will be cruising at 80 plus without any drama. One can do highways all day long and yet it is still a rewarding secondary road ride with crisp controlled suspension movements rewarding all your steering inputs. The brakes are excellent and will haul the car down from high speed no problem.

Really no Italian ergonomic faults here. The seat is comfortable for larger men that actually have legs. This car is totally comfortable around town and excels as a long distance cruiser. The interior makes you feel as though you should never leave it.

If one desires something hand crafted, affordable to maintain, and does not need their car to shout look at me this is an excellent option. Get one before they are discovered in the Aston Martin gold rush… Offered at $49,500.

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Video Credit: Gavin Sherlock

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