We have available for sale an proven fast Acura / Honda race car. Would make a great track day car or current race car. SCCA logbook and setup info is with the car. It is described below by the original owner and builder. I know the builder as he was my insurance man for years, and he is meticulous and spares no expense. There is a new set of tires and a matching full set of spare wheels just like the ones on the car included with the car. This car has had in well excess of $60,000 spent to build it into a potent race car. It is well developed and will be super competitive and reliable. The value of the components far exceeds the asking price of $12,500. The current owner wants this car sold as he is not able to campaign it. If you are thinking of racing or just want to have a very fast car for track days the best and least expensive way to go is with a proven well developed car. This is not a worn and tired out race car, it has just a couple races since tub up rebuild. With new belts it should be ready to go SCCA road racing this season. Car will be sold to first reasonable offer. Call Bob at 541-543-6791 cell if interested.

This car started out 7 years ago as a 1994 Acura Integra GSR. Major engine and transmission work was done by Garage 808 and Mohawk Valley Honda and Acura. The car was initially raced in ITS and RS. The last two years it raced SPU. The car can run ITE and F Production, and Honda Challenge via NASA. When the car switched to SPU, a K20 engine swap was done. This car is race ready! The classes are all SCCA classes. This is a rce only car and Ihave complete SCCA log books. Last time the car was driven was September 2008.

In all classes it has run, this car has been a contender. It has taken 15 first place finishes and 4 Oregon Division SCCA point championships. It’s best lap time at Portland International Raceway with the chicane was a low 1.26. Without the chicane it’s best lap time was 1.18. Car has anywhere from 240 to 265hp (depending on whose dyno it’s on). Weight without driver is about 2200lbs. It has a Hondata programmable engine management system.

This car handles very well and is very fast. Many Corvettes and Porsches have a had a good view of the rear of this car. The chassis was totally replaced in 2008. It was involved in a crash with a tree in front of my driveway, that did no damage to the front of the car, but we decided to get a new chassis and rebuild car to a like-new condition because we found a theft recovery car with a perfect body. It has already been stripped for us!!! That is why the serial number shows up as a salvaged title, but that is a moot point for a race car.

Main Features

  • Current engine and transmission: K20 swap done by HiTech Exhaust of Irvine, California. Headwork by Endyne in Texas. Highly modified engine is only 2.5 years old. Engine is a JDM Type S with 6 speed transmission, built by Gear Speed in California. List of engine components is extensive and will be provided on request.
  • Chassis and suspension: Completely stripped. Dash removed and replaced with light aluminum race dash. Carbon fiber hood and Lexan rear glass. Roll cage professionally built and approved by SCCA by Thompson Motorsports of Eugene, Oregon. Rear upper and lower shock tower supports. Front upper and lower shock tower supports. NASCAR side supports meets the new SCCA regulations.
  • Shocks: Mugen adjustable ($600 each)
  • Sway Bars: Front stock, 25mm rear.
  • Springs: Eibach, 1200 rear, 1000 front.
  • Upper control arms: Skunk2 adjustable.
  • Rear control arms: Adjustable camber.
  • Fuel Cell: 12-gallon Fuel Safe, Walboro race pump.
  • Camera mount
  • Wink type mirror
  • Fire Protection: Heat activated in fuel cell box. Has a separate 5lb cockpit Fire Boy system. Also has nozzle under hood.
  • Axles: Custom high strength by Raxles of Florida, new in August 2008.
  • Brakes: Car converted to 17” BBS rims and StopTech big brake kit up front, slotted rotors, new August 2008. Hawk 90 pads. Rear brakes stock.
    Brake fans: Front rotors fed by boat bilge blower fans.
  • Accusump: 3 quart electric system.
  • Steering: Non-power assist with removable wheel.
  • Seat belts: Five-point, new in 2008.
  • Tires: One set of tires, Hoosier 225 402R 17 R6 compound.
  • Battery: 15lb sealed.
  • Radiator: Flowmaster 3 inch.

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