Offered for sale is a 1967 Austin Healey 3000 BJ8. This is the last year for the 3000 with the desirable front and rear dual marker lights. It has been refinished in an attractive silver with black coves. The chrome wire wheels complement the paintwork. The interior is perfect and freshly done in original materials and patterns. We have recently serviced the car for the owner. It has excellent mechanicals and performs as it should so is ready to drive and enjoy. The car is fairly priced and is a good deal for the final year big Healey.


The car was fitted with a complete new wiring harness during its restoration. The engine has excellent compression and oil pressure, is quiet and has excellent power output. An alloy valve cover and polished carb dashpots brighten up the engine bay. The transmission is quiet and shifts well. The overdrive is engages on third and fourth gear as it should. The brakes stop quickly and straight. The suspension is tight and the car tracks straight. A nice driving vintage car with the three liter six cylinder developing plenty of power.

Paint and Body:

The car has an older respray in basecoat clear that while not new, has excellent shine and eye appeal. There are a few minor chips and scratches from use, but overall still presents very well. The chassis rails are straight, floors are solid and the car drives true down the road. While the body panels themselves are good, the panel fit is just average. The chrome is all good, a combination of some original and new where needed. The car is finished to a nice driver level standard, so no fear to use it daily.

Interior and Top:

Brand new interior in the proper patterns and materials. This interior was just done and was installed by a high end shop that knows how these cars should fit. The overall fit and finish is on par with most show cars. The burled wood dash sets off the black interior. The top is also new and well fitted. Even the top boot and tonneau cover are with the car. The trunk interior is finished in the proper hardura material. Not much to fault in this area and a very expensive high quality job was done. A period correct Motolita wood steering wheel has been installed in place of the spindly original plastic unit..

Driving Impressions:

The car starts and runs smoothly with the BJ8 two inch carb set. It has excellent power and the transmission is quiet in first gear and downshifts properly. The steering is accurate and light at speed. It is smooth to drive at highway speeds and with overdrive makes it cruise along at a relaxed rpm. The clutch engagement is even and the brakes stop the car well. Overall this is a nice driving car and a fun to drive car.


This is a nice driver level car that should be a reliable and fun car into the future. The BJ8 is the most sought after as it has a real elegant wood dash, roll up windows and an easy top operate top. 1967 is the very last year it could be produced. The interior and soft parts are freshly done so the car has great eye appear. If you are looking for a reasonably priced solid Healey 3000 to use this should do it.

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