Porsche Service and Repair in Eugene, Oregon

Porsche Mechanic Eugene

Sports Car Shop of Eugene, Oregon has been servicing Porsche and other European Automobiles for over 30 years. We have highly qualified technicians that are trained and eager to help you with your Porsche’s repairs and maintenance.

Porsche Repair and Service

Classic Porsche Repair Eugene, OregonWe routinely perform standard Porsche repair and services, including:

– Porsche engine repair

– Porsche brake repair

– Porsche timing belts and timing chains

– Porsche electrical repair

– Porsche air conditioning charging and service

– Porsche transmission service

– Porsche fuel system adjustments

Almost any repair your Porsche may require!

We can also help diagnose why the “check engine” light and other error messages are on your dash, and fix these issues correctly so they stay off and you avoid costly return visits.

Porsche Maintenance by Porsche Mechanics at Sports Car Shop in Eugene, Oregon

Our professional staff always performs expert work with personal service. We are happy to provide the same level of service as most Porsche dealerships but with a more personal and friendly touch. Let us help you keep your classic or modern Porsche performing at it’s best by following the scheduled maintenance outlined by Porsche.

– Porsche oil change

– Porsche coolant flush

– Porsche tune-ups

– Porsche transmission flush

– Porsche clutch replacement

– Porsche brake replacement

Porsche Upgrades

Our expertise allows us to also offer performance upgrades to make your Porsche better than new, including suspension, brakes, engine, fueling, clutch, lighting, and other upgrades.

Porsche 911 Repair Eugene, Oregon

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